Slightly over a couple of months after the opening of TamJai SamGor’s first overseas outlet in Singapore and the addition of two more locations to make it easier for locals to slurp up Hong Kong’s favourite noodles, the chain is announcing the launch of its first loyalty programme in Singapore. Stand a chance to enjoy free toppings and the signature TuFei Chicken Wings from 1 January 2021 to 28 February 2021.

Eat, Snap and Post to Win
“SamGor plays Bingo!” offers SamGor fans a chance to earn stamps through various tasks to complete bingo lines on the loyalty card. Form a bingo line with three stamps and win a free topping out of a variety of over 20 fresh and wholesome ingredients to add to a bowl of mixian. Collect two more bingo lines to win SamGor’s trademarked TuFei (Hunan Cumin) Chicken Wings*. Marinated with special herbs and roasted to a crisp, the skin shatters to reveal tender, juicy chicken that
oozes flavour with every bite. This not-to-be-missed dish is one of the most popular items on the menu.

Here’s how to win+:

  1. Receive one stamp for any task completed below:
    a. Choose a “Moderate” Spicy Level and above
    b. Snap a photo of your Milk Tea with SamGor
    c. Post a boomerang of “香麻辛辣”at VivoCity on Instagram
    d. Tried four different soup types (keep your receipts for proof)
    e. Post a photo of your meal at SamGor on social media
    f. Order at least four toppings for your mixian (excluding Guo Qiao, or Cross-Bridge Mixian)
    g. Find one of SamGor’s quote at Bedok Mall (Hint: it is in red)
    h. Take a photo of the “robber” at Chinatown Point
    i. Order at least two snacks to share
  2. Present proof of the completed task in the form of receipts, photos or social media posts to the staff to receive a stamp.
  3. A maximum of two stamps can be earned in each visit.
  4. Complete a bingo line with three stamps and redeem a free topping.
  5. Collect the third and last bingo line to win a large TuFei Chicken Wings (standard serving of 5 pcs) *
  6. Redemption of food items is valid for dine-in only and must be redeemed by 28 February 2021
    *Completion of third bingo line entitles winner to TuFei Chicken Wings only.
    +The Management of TamJai SamGor reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions as it deems fit
    without prior notice.

Hong Kong’s favourite noodles in Singapore
Since the launch of SamGor in Singapore at Bedok Mall on 30 October 2020, two more outlets at VivoCity and Chinatow Point have opened in close succession within the first two weeks of November.

Spicy noodle-lovers in Singapore have been flocking to the brightly-lit outlets pulsing with vibrant energy. Each outlet is vivified with striking visual elements in signature SamGor style. Feature walls decorated with SamGor decal and its signature “香麻辛辣” wordings brighten up the space while exuding a trendy yet traditional ambience – perfect for enjoying a bowl of intensely-flavoured, piquantly-spicy mixian in the company of family and friends.

So far, more than 50,000 bowls of mixian have been slurped up across the three outlets. And even more bowls are expected to be served with the launch of “SamGor Plays Bingo!”!