Millennials have a great impact on how companies are crafting PR strategies in today’s internet era. Here’s a few reasons why that should be true:

  • There are over 82 million of millennial consumers who hold a cumulative annual purchasing power of up to $1.3 trillion
  • Millennials are entering a period in their lives where their prime earning years begin
  • The brand choices millennials make are gateways to future purchases and brand allegiance for the rest of their lives

With these facts in mind, here are the three PR activities you should focus on to help you make a lasting impression on millennials.


Compared to baby boomers’ 56 hours per week, millennials spend 54 hours on media but about 2/3 of their time is spent on non-traditional media that include social media, smartphones and video platforms. Your PR activities should, therefore, be tailored to the requirements of non-traditional media where millennials are easily accessible.


Millennials are great watchers. They prefer watching over reading because it is more fun and easily digestible. That’s why live videos are racking up billions of views on social media and video platforms where millennial predominate. Do not miss the opportunity to create engaging live videos for any announcements, sales promotions or corporate events that you want your audience to keep track of. Live videos are a great way you can boost your PR standing in the cyberspace.


Millennials stand for brands that are more than the bottom line dollars. They want to see what a brand stands for at the very core. And there is no better way to communicate the core values of your brand and create a millennial buzz around it than to let influential individuals talk about your brand and market it to the people they influence the most.

Pay attention to these three essential PR activities and let the outcome take care of itself!