Technology nowadays has transformed the way we connect and grow with our customers. As businesses and consumers increasingly move online, the barriers between you and your audience will break down. Companies can form more direct relationships with their clients. Growing alongside and ahead of customers is what is needed in public relations to drive sales.

Be social media savvy

Posting valuable content about your product or service consistently will get the attention of others. Promote your social media posts to boost your engagement and activity. Promoting social media platforms has gained the attention of users and companies who may not have already been paying attention. Don’t just post links. Let people know your new story is up. Make it happen!

Use a Public Relations article as an ad and promote it to engage new audiences

You should find every opportunity to set your message in front of people multiple times. Only two per cent of people purchase with one exposure, so you will lose if you aren’t repeating yourself. One way to increase the value is to post on Facebook and promote it to people who like certain media outlets. If your content appeals to their audience, then the media outlet could find the content quite valuable. You should always make sure your content relates to other content that the outlet has covered for the best result.

Include press releases in sales packets

Adding press releases into your sales copy will be an effective marketing strategy for you. Customers like seeing this type of content to get a better sense of your message and value. It will be another great way to engage them, and as we said, the more ways you can get your message in front of people, the better. 

Link to relevant sources in the article

One of the primary goals of Public Relations is establishing subject-matter expertise. When creating a PR article, make sure there are links included that are relevant to the readers of the outlet you are targeting. By linking to other sources, you demonstrate niche expertise and industry knowledge to establish yourself as an advisor. These values are increasingly important to millennials who expect their brands to engage with them regularly. This will help you with your website’s domain authority and backlinking, which will help attract more viewers. 

Create newsworthy context around your product or service

It’s your job to spread the word if your company has good news. Whether it’s achieving a major milestone or just market trends that validate your product’s value, getting that information in front of people is crucial. Newsworthy content stands out and attracts media and consumers. You should be aiming for headlines of content to be engaging to get media sources interested in promoting it. Establishing a newsworthy context is one of the best hacks for leveraging Public Relations.

Localise and personalise

Customers today prefer to feel like the content is speaking to them. You want to be able to pull consumers in by building trust and understanding. Your aim to win them over any other company who does generic marketing. By making your content more targeted locally, you can also appeal to local reporters who have a significant following cover story related to your business. Transcending just press relations, social media and online presence have transformed the way people can develop their brand and cultivate a customer base. By following these and other tips, you can build momentum and leverage Public Relations for growth and sales. 

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