Reunion dinner is the core of every Chinese New Year celebration. Families get together on Chinese New Year’s Eve for a hearty meal alongside their beloved family members and relish the precious time spent together, a rarity in our fast-paced society where we are constantly on the go. Our team at Affluence Public Relations did not spend their Chinese New Year’s Eve with their families though – we were all activated to be part of Chinatown’s Chinese New Year Countdown Party 2019!

We are the appointed agency for Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations this year. Though Chinese New Year wouldn’t be till February 2019, our first meeting kicked off as early as October last year. From there, it was a steady climb towards the biggest event in Chinatown’s calendar. It was a huge undertaking that spanned months of preparation and planning – the festival itself has eight major programmes that attract over 2 million visitors to Chinatown each year.  From the media press conference, Street Light-Up and Opening Ceremony, Countdown Party and even Chinatown’s very own Chingay @ Heartlands, we worked hard to get the best publicity for this iconic festival that honours tradition and celebrates our unique heritage.

We are glad that the media, especially local mainstream media that include print, online and radio were enthusiastic about covering every festival element and promoting this local tradition.

Good job to our team who worked tirelessly for the past few months, sacrificing weekends, personal time and time away from family. Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2019 is a great success!

At Affluence Public Relations, we are proud to be a home-grown local brand that helps clients just like us to increase their brand awareness and achieve the ROI they deserve.