Today’s International Women’s Day, or “womENCE”, as we like to call it at Affluence PR!

Over our 12 years in business, we have seen so many women enter, take charge and rise up the ranks to become influential leaders who have shaped Affluence PR into what it is today. We are staffed with a good number of women marketers and public relations specialists, most of whom are in leadership positions. With no intention to stereotype, we notice that women bring with them a certain meticulousness, attention to detail, ability to multitask, nurturing nature and innate ability to mediate and sooth ruffled feathers – all key qualities for anyone at the workplace, especially in a public relations agency.

It’s not everyday that the power, strength and grace of all women are celebrated, so use this special day to show your appreciation to your female customers and women in your life!

How are some marketing and PR ideas for International Women’s Day 2020!

Treat the ladies to special deals and discounts
We all love a good bargain!

Promote special deals on your social media channels and put a time period to encourage more participation. To leverage on user-generated content, get your audience to submit content or share snippets on their own channels while tagging the women they are showing appreciation to. Make it a contest or reward everyone with a small gift to spread the love and the virality!

Women, only
Depending on your brand and its suitability, consider running on women-only promotional campaign as a gesture of appreciation for your female customers! To make it more targeted, filter only the female demographic in your social media campaign, or email database, so that your target audience will receive your message and feel acknowledged and rewarded.

Acknowledge your staff
A personal touch always makes content that much more interesting. Post a picture of your female employees, but you do not have to neglect the guys! Use this opportunity to show appreciation to all your staff and let them be seen by your customers. Your brand will come across as a fun and accommodating workplace, and a brand that cares and makes an effort to connect with their staff and audience.

Launch a CSR Campaign in the name of International Women’s Day
In today’s day and age where a small act of kindness or an effort to give back to society is crucial to show that your brand is still rooted in human values, consider running a CSR campaign that is linked to women. It could be donating funds to a charitable organisation that roots for women’s rights, or volunteering with an organisation that is in line with a cause that your brand is compatible with, such as breast cancer awareness or support for single mothers.

We wish all our staff, clients, friends and family a happy International Women’s Day 2020!