ENCE Marketing represents Singapore as the integrated marketing solutions provider in SME sector

14 August 2018, Singapore – ENCE Marketing Group, an Asian-based integrated marketing agency, announces a partnership today with Platinum Circle, the world’s leading business group, comprising of over 1,800 corporations, governments and investors from around the world.

The GAW Initiative’s objective is to drive greater collaboration and cooperation in building future economic, business and social wealth across industry, markets and asset classes. One key platform for GAW’s initiative is the series of Forums in major cities around the world.

The Forum in Singapore will be held on 31 August and 1 September 2018 at Sofitel Singapore City Centre, hosted by Platinum Circle and supported by partners from government, IGOs and business. The Forum in Singapore will gather more than 400 decision makers from the Platinum Circle Community worldwide, including institutions, corporations, family offices, governments, intergovernmental organizations entrepreneurs and accredited investors. An international team of experts will share insights into market trends, asset classes, strategies, investment models, risks, challenges, opportunities and returns.

ENCE Marketing is involved as a Partner representing integrated marketing solutions. ENCE Marketing is also recognised as a member of Platinum Circle.

Ms Angela Sim, Managing Director of ENCE Marketing Group will be representing ENCE Marketing Group at the Forum. “I’m honoured to be a member of the Platinum Circle and representing the choice integrated marketing solutions provider in Asia,” said Angela. “This is a recognition of our company’s positive contribution and high quality of work in the industry.”

The GAW Forum in Singapore is a two-day, closed-door meeting that brings together a distinct peer group of decision-makers from corporations, governments and IGOs to wealthy individuals and families from the Platinum Circle Community, as well as invited guests. Limited access is available through nomination by ENCE Marketing or by contacting Platinum Circle via the GAW website at www.globalassetsandwealth.com.

About ENCE Marketing Group TM

ENCE Marketing GroupTM is a KPI-driven marketing agency group that puts our assurance on every marketing dollar you spend. Using Measurable Marketing Matrices (m3) and our Marketing for ReturnTM frameworks, our clients can have the confidence that their per unit investment in the marketing they embark on reaps the returns they seek.

ENCE Marketing Group Pte Ltd was established in 2007 and provides marketing concepts and initiatives such as branding, marketing channel selection and management, marketing budgeting, public relations, events management, digital and social media campaign management and marketing copywriting. Started with ex-MNC marketers with a passion for local brands and companies we aim to generate measurable returns for our clients’ marketing investments. The group currently manages 3 specialist marketing agencies for specific marketing work to give clients clearer value and deliverables: Affluence PR (www.affluencepr.com), Eminence Events (www.eminence-event.com) and Decadence Design (www.decadencedesign.com). For more information, visit www.encemarketing.com. To get to know the team better and what we do daily, visit www.facebook.com/EnceMarketing.

About Platinum Circle:

Platinum Circle is the world’s leading business group consisting of over 1,800 corporations, with annual turnover exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organizations representing more than 20 industries and 90 markets across the six continents. The Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW) galvanizes the Platinum Circle Community worldwide to identify and engage opportunities and challenges at international, country and organization levels to build future economic, business and social wealth. It also invites investors, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, technologists, fund managers, regulators, policymakers, philanthropists and high net worth individuals from across industries and markets interested in doing more business, building more assets and creating more economic, business and social wealth together with Platinum Circle. Learn more at www.platcircle.com.