Canopy takes root at HortPark with the opening of its second outlet nestled in the lush greenery of Singapore’s gardenscape. Canopy HortPark offers a heightened garden dining experience within the green walls of its indoor, alfresco and retail space, seamlessly integrated by biophilic design for an escape into nature with family and friends (even the furry kind!).

Canopy, which introduced the first green roof on a restaurant in Singapore at its popular Bishan Park outlet, continues to elevate the garden dining concept that it pioneered. Canopy HortPark houses an indoor dining space and alfresco area that are complemented by floor to ceiling glass panels. Natural light floods into the restaurant, providing ample sunlight for the overhanging air plants which cascade from the ceiling. Towering potted plants line the interior space and the tips of their leaves gently graze the densely furnished ceiling replete with wooden lantern-shaped ornaments.

Push the mobile glass panels aside to eradicate the boundary between indoor and outdoor areas, casting the space wide. On one side, a breezy alfresco dining area welcomes pets and diners seeking a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which is filtered through a wooden canopy that provides a muchwelcome shade. The green wall which separates the outside from the restaurant does a good job as a barrier but an even better job blending into the lush greenery of HortPark behind it for a verdant view that seems to stretch on forever. Across the space, natural materials such as wood, rattan and teak feature heavily in the dining furniture, one of which is a reclaimed wood table that adds a distinctive charm to the interiors.

On the other side, a wide green lawn greets the eye, an inviting space to frolic in with kids and pets in tow. The seamless integration of Canopy HortPark into its surroundings was the result of a respect for the environment, an eye for landscape design and a commitment to providing a space that promotes health, wellbeing and happiness.

Lee Kian Chong, CEO, Deli In the Park, says: “Canopy HortPark is an extension of the all-day garden dining concept first developed at Canopy Bishan, located at Bishan Park. Green walls and pet-friendly areas are some of the biophilic design elements that can be found throughout the space, where our guests can dine and unwind with us surrounded by, and at one with nature.”

Canopy HortPark curates a Western-style menu which includes brunch and all-day dining options which are both available daily. Along with Canopy’s signature dishes such as Classic Eggs Benedict and Parma Ham Pizza, newly curated menu items are launched at the HortPark outlet for a gastronomic feast for the senses

Savour the signature Crab Meat Aglio Olio (Linguine with succulent chunks of fresh crab meat tossed in aromatic garlic and chilli oil), the perennial all-day favourite Fish and Chips (deep fried beer-battered fresh fillet of snapper with a side of fries), and the crowd pleaser Dry Aged Beef Burger (juicy beef patty served on a sesame potato bun). Finally, have the perfect sweet ending to any meal with the Chocolate Lava Cake.

“We hope that diners can enjoy the luxurious space which invites them to have a break from daily life. HortPark
has long been a unique destination because of its reputation as a gardening lifestyle hub and landscaped
greenery. Canopy HortPark is another reason to visit this nature enclave and we are glad to call HortPark home,”
Kian says.