When it comes to earning the public’s trust in your brand, there is surely no shortcut!

Inclusivity and diversity in one’s brand are crucial in gaining the trust of people. In 2021, brands demonstrating inclusivity should not be rare. Rather, it should be the norm! Your audience is able to detect inauthentic and biased initiatives at first sniff – so be meticulous when executing your next campaign.

If your brand’s voice in diversity and inclusiveness has not been heard yet, it’s not too late to start now! Your brand can engage in inclusivity marketing – in which campaigns embrace diversity by including people from different backgrounds or stories that unique audiences can relate to.

In a survey conducted by Google and The Female Quotient, it was revealed that 64% of all respondents took some action after seeing an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive. From the same survey, 69% of Black consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand whose advertising positively reflects their race/ethnicity, clearly showing the importance of inclusivity in brands. In addition, brands can put themselves into the shoes of consumers too, and understand the perspective of the consumers. Only then can they earn the trust of the public.

Imagine walking in a clothing store, wanting to get many pieces of clothes that catch your eye. However, to your horror, they are only available in one size. Without a doubt, you will feel disappointed if you are unable to fit into the clothes.

Case in point: Brandy Melvile, a brand from the US, has most of its clothes in the size of “one size fits all”, and many have expressed their unhappiness with their sizing system. To add on, they only engage tall and slim white models, only including models of other races recently. Due to their failure to embrace bodies of different sizes, many have shared their unhappy views on the internet, and have “boycotted” the brand by not buying clothes from their stores.

In contrast, walking into a makeup store finding the foundation that suits your unique skin colour will definitely make your day, and put your trust in that particular brand.

Today, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has received widespread praise, including being named one of Time magazine’s best 2017 inventions, for its 40-shade foundation range, embracing different skin colours, and appreciating their beauty. Of course, Fenty’s beauty has earned trust from many. Consumers today are increasingly diverse and multicultural. For a brand to attract consumers, they will have to mirror cultural values and beliefs of the consumers. Today, people go for brands that are authentic, and relevant, rather than stereotypical.

Once a brand has developed a narrative driven by the right values, and is made known to the public, the brand can easily win their trust over! The most effective way to do this is to craft the right message from a Public Relations point of view – in an authentic, relevant and relatable way that pique the media’s interest.

A brand’s stand on safety and well-being should definitely not be missed out too. Especially in times of uncertainty with a raging global pandemic.

Consumers would not want to take risks when it comes to their health. Thus, whichever brand that is the safest will gain customer trust and loyalty, while on the other hand, brands that do not prioritise safety will lose out.

For instance, hand sanitisers, Safe Management Measures and mask-wearing. With the Covid-19 situation, many have started to become more conscious of their hygiene, thus investing in bottles of hand sanitisers so as to keep their hands clean. Social distancing and mask-wearing are also a way of life now, despite the discomfort or inconvenience. Brands that take a firm stance on safety and health of their customers will provide a sense of assurance to the public. Communicate the actions taken to minimise transmission and continually remind your customers of the strict stance on the issue of safety – they will appreciate it.

At Affluence PR, we strive for inclusivity, diversity and safety too. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and each provide valuable insight from their experiences and cultures.

We love how that whenever any of our mature employees (above 50) are unsure of how to use technology, the younger staff will voluntarily guide them without hesitation. The mature employees can also share their knowledge and experiences which can inspire and motivate their fellow employees.

We also have employees from all walks of life with different backgrounds, and they provide valuable insights unique to each individual from their previous experiences and industries.

Only by being open-minded and inclusive, we are able to expand our perceptions and help our clients tell stories from all angles – even generating new ones using new sources and scopes.