Affluence PR has been tapped by Masdar Clean Energy to generate excitement and increase submissions for the 2021 Zayed Sustainability Prize.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) pioneering global award in sustainability. Established in 2008, this annual award recognizes and rewards the achievements of those who are driving impactful, innovative and inspiring sustainability solutions across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools.

Using the agency’s network and media influence in the sustainability field, Affluence PR has been tasked to successfully execute a targeted outreach plan across Asia, with a particular focus on China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and The Philippines.

But how exactly do you implement a marketing campaign successfully during a pandemic? 

These are extraordinary times and every marketer is thinking on how to adapt their marketing strategies to the reality we’re living in today. Social distancing is rising online interaction and people are spending more time on social media and accessing web-based resources to stay productive and positive.

However, promoting a campaign is more than just releasing an article or posting a few tweets, especially at a time when every communication channel is dominated by a global phenomenon.  It is a systematic, repeatable process which engages its audience continuously throughout the duration of the campaign. Affluence PR employs an integrated marketing approach in order to reach out to its targeted audience successfully and generate the target leads before the closing of submissions:

1)         Public Relations – press releases for awareness in key publications relevant to the 2021 Zayed Sustainability Prize.

2)         Influencer Marketing – tap influencers in the sustainability field to provide reviews to the 2021 Zayed Sustainability Prize.

3)         Partnership Marketing – tap key leaders and partners in the sustainability business and financial communities for the Zayed Sustainability Prize within the identified key audiences/markets, and relevant educational institutions for student participation within the identified markets.

4)         Email Marketing – Outreach to previous entrants in Asian countries to sustain their involvement to the 2021 Zayed Sustainability Prize. Outreach to new candidates to submit applications before the closing date.

In addition to the integrated strategies, Affluence PR has identified the core metrics and milestones for the campaign in order to track progress versus targets and ensure the achievement of goals.  For example, the target submissions for the seven (7) countries is 100, Affluence PR’s target outreach is 30 per country. Milestones give everyone a better sense of what to check if performance isn’t lining up with expectations.

Lastly, as the Affluence PR team is working-from-home, it is important that we stay connected ensuring a steady workflow and communication between the team as well as the clients. Affluence PR uses several productivity tools that facilitate online sharing and workflow sharing across countries.  We are glad to note that our workflow and clients have not been affected by the lock down and for our staff to work from home. Our investments in cloud-base systems and setting up processes to incorporate online work flows over the last few years have surely helped! 

Through the integrated of marketing tools, internal work processes and client management work, we can truly provide an integrated marketing and outreach approach for our clients and their projects, even through this difficult time. Affluence PR is a specialist marketing agency under the ENCE Marketing Group of marketing companies.  ENCE Marketing Group was established to group the various facets of marketing under one roof to provide clients with an integrated marketing approach.   Other awards that our group has won include Singapore Business Awards 2019, Best PR Agency, Singapore Business Review Innovator of the Year Award 2017, SG Enterprise 500, Best PR Agency 2019.

ENCE Marketing Group is among the agencies featured in DesignRush for the Best Marketing Campaigns in 2020.