Compact, super-ultra slim dispenser and hidden filtration device makes up the only system water purifier in the world
• “The One” enters department stores on 20 April with new opening at TANGS

Wells Singapore has devised a water purifier that would look right at home in the most modern and sleek contemporary kitchen. Meet The One, the world’s only system water purifier in the world. It has cleverly divided the filtration device from the water dispensing faucet for a compact and premium design that has won international awards such as the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and IDEA Design Award.

Innovative Space-Saving Design

Compared to conventional water purifiers where the faucet and filtration device are housed in a single unit, The One separates the two elements to create a more streamlined design that saves space.

At only 8.8cm in diameter and 33.7cm in height, the sleek and smooth dispensing unit is superultra slim in size but big on smart design. It features a 2.8 inch full colour LCD screen that is encircled by an easy-to-use, touch control panel for smooth selection of water temperature on the left and water volume on the right.

Users are guided by tactile orientation with a fine raised line on each of the touch areas when they trace the circular shape with their fingers.

Select from six water temperature options which will be dispensed instantly: Cold Water, Room Temperature, Body Temperature (36.5 °C), Milk (50 °C), Tea (70 °C), and Coffee (85 °C). The four volume options are 120ml, 250ml, 550ml and a continuous supply.

To minimise waiting time, an in-built Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) automatically prepares the device to dispense water when it detects the user’s presence from a distance. The user can also rotate the faucet 180° using The One’s Body Spin Function to dispense water in his or her preferred direction.

Self-Cleaning, Smart Hygiene Care System

Innovated with decades of experience in the environmental and home wellness market, Wells has developed an advanced sterilising system with the highest hygiene standards. Every inch of The One’s water pipe is sterilised every three days using a moisture electrolysing technique. The auto water drainage system is activated to empty all water pipes and circulate new water if the purifier has not been used in 24 hours. Water is further cleaned by the anti-bacterial properties of the H+ cartridge consisting of a mineral ceramic and anti-bacterial ceramic balls.

Users are given even more peace of mind with the elimination of stainless steel pipes that require replacing. Super bio water pipes are used which are made of water repellent material that prevent water from sticking to preserve the pristine cleanliness of the piping system.

The One is a tankless water purifier where patented direct-dispensing technology has replaced the traditional hidden chilling tank and reduced the risk of external contamination.

The Most Thorough Filtering System Amongst Those in Korea

Wells’ filtering system is made up of the Wells Multi-carbon Plus Filter and the Nano Clean Filter that work together to remove six types of heavy metals and 35 different types of harmful microorganisms.

The 8-inch filter, made with eco-friendly materials, is certified by the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Smooth, crystal clear, alkalescence mineral water is dispensed where harmful viruses including norovirus and colon bacillus have been removed.

The One and Only

Wells Singapore has pared down the size of the water purifier while optimising smart features to create a sleek and modern lifestyle appliance that transforms the kitchen and the water-drinking experience at the same time. The One can be seamlessly integrated onto kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands in its three colours – Dark Brown, White and Red.

Wells Singapore makes its foray into department stores with the opening at TANGS in TANG Plaza on 20 April 2021. Its premium range of water and air purifiers will be displayed as part of the company’s home wellness innovations.